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The case, which is likely headed to trial, means that Lewis would have to find a new surrogate.Currently, however, Lewis is focused on his broken relationship and Monroe.Even though Jeff took 100% responsibility for the parting, saying "I truly feel like I have failed you.I have failed my child and I have failed my family," we like to believe the couples still got some love left to give."At pm today, I grew up," Lewis wrote on Instagram announcing their daughter's birth.

"If this happens, I'm kind of excited about this courting process," Jeff said.

And when a caller asked about custody over their daughter, Lewis said: "I don't even want to go there." But a source confirms that it is "just a temporary break" and that the ex-lovers are still trying to fix their relationship. Not only because of their crumbling relationship but due to a legal battle with their surrogate (who claims they filmed her giving birth without her permission) and a feud between Lewis and ex-costar Jenni Pulos, which will likely lead to the cancellation of their home design show, after 11 successful seasons. "They've always kept any of the trouble that was going on between them away from her. Throughout his radio show, Lewis tried his best to stay positive.

"Last year was hell, but I remember nine pretty solid years." But that doesn't mean their time has officially stopped, yet.

Their relationship was full of tension and criticism.

Fortunately, their bond has strengthened over the years and this season, Lewis even included his dad and stepmother in the birth of his daughter Monroe.

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“I was wondering if [Gage] doesn’t mind if I use his embryo,” he said. We’re not pregnant yet.” If Lewis does pursue having another baby, he will face a number of hurdles, the least of which concerns his recent separation from Edwards.

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