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We owe an abun- dance of gratitude to both of these fine individuals. I could go on forever thanking all the people who helped make our four years such a tremendous success. But sleep, though sweet, is only sleep, and waking, I waked to sleep no more, at once o'ertaking The vanguard of my age, with all arrears Of duty on my back. *"Hot Blooded"* Giant Bud Tall*electric buns* "it was a noise we had never heard before ... *BODY ROT*Mark on (& off) the moguls* Bucko-Bonzo*Someone is going to get hurt*Who's got chalky hands ? D's shop (and the follow up dinner), this yearbook, Alg II classes (best ever), JN, JP, JD, MR, JB, BC, DO, LF, LG MM, KA, RR, LD, BD, BT, MA, BG, FC, SC, DN, GF, SG, TM, Al, BO, ET, and all the rest. Bunyon June 14, 1963 — May 28, 1978 When I find myself In times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom Let it be And in my hour of darkness She is standing Right in front of me Speaking words of wisdom Let it be Refrain: Let it be, Let it be Let it be, oh Let it be Whisper words of wisdom Let it be And when the brokenhearted people Living in the world agree There will be an answer Let it be But though they may be parted There is still a chance that they will see There will be an answer Let it be Refrain And when the night is cloudy There is still a light that shines on me Shine until tomorrow Let it be I wake up to the sound of music Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom Let it be Refrain — Lennon and Mc Cartney 178 Richard Whalen April 20, 1963 — September 8, 1979 Long time a child, and still a child, when years Had painted manhood on my cheek, was I — For yet I live like one not born to die; A thriftless prodigal of smiles and tears, No hope I needed, and I knew no fears.

But beyond the wins or losses, our team, with track as its foundation, built many lasting friendships and memories. T :^r' b H^^I BELMONT HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1981 Table of Contents Seniors P 11 Faculty and Administration p 103 Color Candids p 161 Activities P 71 Sports p 129 Class of "8 1 " — all good things must come to an end. These four years were comprised of many good things, but they are rapidly ending. To those of you who breezed through four years at BHS: watch out! I will continue to teach in hope that I will run into a class again which is as rewarding to work with as you have been. *the bent bed*stomach pains*powder clouds*neighbors ' wood and H^O^oly f'in s-load*if r- then s-* ff Waterville will never be the same...

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The cast did one hell of a job, but it wouldn't have been possible without one of the finest ladies at Belmont High School, Mrs. 2 When we first entered Belmont High School, we were wel- comed by Mr. When we reached our Junior year, we could not have been given a better class advisor than Mr. He has been with us through every phase of the past two years.

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