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Henney starred in his first feature film in Korea, Seducing Mr. His second film, My Father, won multiple awards in South Korea and Henney became the first foreigner to sweep all the major cinema awards in the Best New Actor category.

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On our second date he told me that he feels comfortable with me, “too comfortable”, that he knows he could “go deep” with me, & that it scares the hell out of him. I tried to be really brave & up front (in the interest of "honest, open communication") when I asked him about it- but I DIDN'T come right out & say "do you want me" or "why haven't you kissed me"! I'm not going to ask him AGAIN because we already talked about it (even though I have NO idea what the answer was!!! ) And I swear, when I touch him I feel this electric jolt jump between us; it’s happened before when he’s handed me something & our fingers brush against each other. He may be trying to be respectful and not rush things.

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