Updating data in cell phone

Download files on Wi-Fi only Unless you absolutely have to, refrain from downloading songs, movies, or large files while using a cellular data connection.It's common sense, but be sure to do any downloading while you're on Wi-Fi.(Anyone who's been hit with an exorbitant overage charge knows this feeling.)But if you're on Android, you've got a little more wiggle room, thanks to plenty of data-restricting settings.With the proper configurations, you'll find yourself using data at a much slower rate -- so much so, perhaps, that you could even step down a tier.Don't let these options go unnoticed -- they'll save you heaps.Preload streaming-app content As we become increasingly frugal about cellular data usage, more apps offer caching (or preloading), letting you download content on Wi-Fi and view it at any later time.You also have the option to choose "Do not auto-update apps," but it's less preferable, since you'll have to remember to update apps manually.

In Ice Cream Sandwich and later versions of Android, one way to find out which ones are guilty is to go to Settings Data Usage, and scroll down to reveal a list of apps with accompanying data usage stats.By default, everything is set to sync, including things like photos, the Play Store, and other Google apps.You don't necessarily need all these items syncing -- especially data-heavy ones like photos.Even so, the option can be worthwhile for anyone on a tiered plan (or times when you're on a slow connection).Opera, a much-loved browser, is one such app that offers compression. After some use, Opera will tell you just how much data you saved.

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