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Seeing Phylicia Rashad’s character interact with Cookie’s rawness and feisty ways should be interesting in itself. Nia Long playing a villain will be a new notch under her Hollywood belt. ’ Another interesting thing about seeing so many A-list actors under one “roof” so to speak, is that just a little over 4 or 5 years ago, many A-listers considered starring in TV series as being beneath them, or as a graveyard for an actor’s career.

But ever since shows like “Scandal,” Empire and others have dominated the airwaves, there’s been a shift in that overall perception and we, the viewers are more than happy for that shift because really, TV shows would still be boring asa hell without a lil’ spice from ‘Olivia Pope and Associates’ or the ‘Empire family dynasty.’ ILOSM fam’ will you be watching Empire’s upcoming episodes?

Taraji has just reposted Nadia's exact same meme onto her own Instagram page and she captioned it with the 'thinking' and 'kisses' emojis.

Is Taraji trying to let Kelvin know that there's nothing he can say to deny this one? SEE WHAT INFO TARAJI WAS SENT ABOUT KELVIN & HIS OTHER EX THE OTHER DAY THOUGH Taraji P.

So “Cookie” didn’t hesitate to step up and address the fan for doggin’ Taraji on her own page…Phylicia Rashad…will recur during Season 3 of Empire as the mom of Diggs’ ambitious city councilman Angelo Dubois, Fox announced Monday.Rashad’s Diana is a powerhouse from one of New York’s oldest and most prominent African-American families, who has her sights set on a higher office for her only son.Henson) even as she reckons with her own mysterious past.Via TVLine: Cookie’s potential romance with Taye Diggs has hit the mother of all snags.

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