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And what are good sites or agencies to go through to find housing in those areas?FWIW, I'm moving from a southern city where it's basically impossible to meet a single guy over the age of 22 - they all either get married young or leave.I already know from reading previous threads that Tulsa is great for young families, but what's the dating scene like for young professionals?What areas would be best for me to move to to have decent walkable nightlife and good access to commute westward toward Stillwater?

My friend was commuting from Stillwater to Oklahoma City and got her car pelted with big hail at least one time.

Also has access to the River Parks trails via the Midland Valley trail.

Lots of young college grads in this area, and an active Catholic parish too (Christ the King).

I am not sure about Tulsa, but I live in OKC and that seems to be the rule here as well.

Good news is Tulsa has a reputation for being more socially progressive than OKC so maybe the situation is different there.

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Surely a number of Stillwater singles like to going Oklahoma City and Tulsa some weekends to get away from college kids.

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