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Hi all, The month of May showed some surprising increases in income for me at both Triond and Suite101.

Here's the rundown: Triond I've been with Triond since February, 2008 and have never really taken it seriously as a residual income site. At Triond, you can earn money three different ways - through their residual income program, through Google Adsense and by earning a small portion of money from the earnings of writers you refer.

So, earning the .58 from Google plus the .00 from Triond - in all .48 - for the month while also earning money from the same articles at other sites seems like a win-win situation.

So, in May I decided to add 6 more articles to Triond - all articles that I also posted elsewhere - and I earned .39 that month in Google Adsense along with .33 in residual earnings for a total of .72.

Not bad, considering these articles are earning money on other sites as well.

I've decided not to ignore Triond any longer and will continue to add articles to the site to see how the income increases.

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Before Google Adsense was added, I generally only earned about $3.00 per month off of the 21 articles I had on Triond.

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