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When Moses reached the promised land, a tabernacle was used to bring these blessings to the children of Israel. [HC 4]Joseph Smith, as a result of a prayer, was visited by Jesus in the Kirtland Temple on a very special date, April 3, 1836, as recorded in section 110 of the Doctrine and Covenants.King David began preparations for building a temple, but because King David had been disobedient, he was told that he was not worthy and would not be permitted to build the temple. The Kirtland Temple was the first temple in these latter days, and it played an important role in the restoration of priesthood keys.It is a joy to be here at the Brigham Young University devotional.As you know, this is a very special place of learning.To preserve the sanctity of the temple so that the temple may be kept pure and to invite the Spirit to bless those who enter the holy temple for their ordinances and covenants, we are taught that no unclean thing should enter the temple.Reverence in the temple is a vital element in inviting the Spirit to reside within it every hour of every day.We have been taught in the scriptures that the personal worthiness required of us by the Lord to enter the temple and to take upon us the sacred covenants therein is one of the greatest blessings available to us in mortality.Then, after taking upon us the covenants in the temple, our obedience in living the covenants daily is a demonstration of our faith, love, devotion, and spiritual commitment to honor our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ and prepares us to live with Them in the eternities.

Today I want to discuss the doctrine of the temple, the effects of the temple doctrine in your life, and the ways that you can prepare yourselves—and, we hope, your eternal companions can prepare themselves—to partake of the full blessings of the holy temple in mortality and in eternal life.Plus, it’s massive (30 million members), and it’s trustworthy (more romantic connections than any other dating site).With Match’s 100% free membership, you really have nothing to lose!While it’s nice to have options, 8,000 can be overwhelming for singles to sort through. We’ve tested and reviewed a ton of dating sites, and we try out new ones every day.We’ve identified the following five as the best of the best.

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