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As a solution, Coloma Frozen Foods chose a rugged bolted rack with structural channel columns.

A number of rack features helped the company meet its strength, durability and maintenance goals.

“Transferring product between four inter-company locations for production, frozen storage and repacking was costly and inefficient,” says Brad Wendzel, president of Coloma Frozen Foods. The companies he turned to suggested drive-in rack for its cost-effective, high-density storage capacity that requires fewer aisles and provides better cube utilization than selective rack.

“One of the leased freezer facilities had aged beyond its useful life, and much of the racking was too low, requiring inefficient pallet unstacking and restacking before shipping.” To optimize its growth and logistics, Coloma Frozen Foods chose to build 90,000 sq. Drive-in rack enables storing up to 75% more pallets than selective racking and is ideal for high-traffic and cooler/freezer installations.

For added protection against forklift impact, a forklift tire rub rail was mounted near the floor to guide the vehicle safely into the rack.

All uprights and columns also have oversized baseplates for greater rack stability.

We expect to save about 0,000 to 0,000 a year in reduced labor, management, transportation, energy and maintenance costs using the drive-in rack at our campus facility,” says Wendzel.

“Our growth potential is substantial, and we expect ROI in less than two years.

A complete supply chain transforms raw materials into a finished product, usually using many different providers along the way.It all depends on the situation, but it is important to take your time when deciding what to consolidate.Usually there is a lot of information and money involved with such decisions and care should be taken before making a decision.According to Wendzel, 2″ vertical adjustability of the bolted drive-in rack also allows for a variety of configurations for current or future products.Supply chains are very complex and sophisticated processes that deliver a product from a supplier to a consumer.

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