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She didn’t need any of the superficial junk other girls did.

The strong silent type is always someone hiding his own awkwardness or insecurities.

It sounds like your a very verbal communicator, and I can say with some confidence you are always going to find it a little difficult dealing with a non verbal strong silent type.

OP, I've been called the strong silent type on several occasions so I think I can give you some insights. most of us grew up in families, where both parents where strong individuals. we grew up in families where a lot of stuff was communicated non verbally. we grew up in families where everything was assumed to be fine, unless it was obvious it wasn't or someone needed to talk about it.

So, the “Silent, strong type” is one of those patriarchal shits that do damage mainly to man.

Then she’d started dropping hints about them doing “couple” activities. ” “Hell no.” Quinn shoved the pitcher aside and propped his elbows on the table. Bring her flowers, wine and dine her with candlelit dinners, take her to the movies. She’d never worn much makeup, so it’d shocked Quinn to see her freckles covered, her lips glossy red and black eyeliner emphasizing her blue eyes. The smile she allotted her dance partner didn’t reach her eyes like it did whenever she danced with him. He had to fix it, to man up, take the bull by the horns, grab the tiger by the tail, climb on the horse that threw him, reclaim what was rightfully his. He’d always loved her curvy body, but she seemed happier thinner. Gone were the long denim skirts, loose shirts, bulky sweaters, baggy sweats and oversized T-shirts she’d worn for years. No, Libby—his Libby—began wearing tight, low-cut jeans. She’d chopped her long, honey-brown hair into a short, trendy cut and added blondish-red highlights. Quinn ignored the taunt and focused on Libby sashaying off the dance floor. He’d gone about dealing with this misstep in their marriage the wrong way, expecting Libby to come to him. “First of all, you have to stop takin’ Libby for granted.” “I’ve never taken her for granted. Because if you don’t use ’em on her, you’re gonna need to use ’em on someone else.” Shame burned and he dropped his gaze to the table. I never done any of that romantic crap with her.” Or any other woman.

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  1. Na een relatie van 6 jaar is mijn ex vriend er vandoor gegaan met een andere meid, heb het er best wel moeilijk mee gehad, want we stonden op het punt te gaan trouwen, maar het leven gaat wel verder en ik wil ook geen leven z..