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You can define your backlog items and then manage their status using the Kanban board. Product owners typically define and stack rank product backlog items which are defined with the Scrum process.Learn more: Scrum process work item types and workflow.3D Sprint's management and monitoring tools allow you to accurately estimate print time and optimize material levels and usage both before and during the print operation.Manage print queues, job priorities, and monitor printers with immediate knowledge if a technical issue is causing a problem across your local network.They guide, coach, teach, and assist Scrum teams in the proper employment of Scrum methods.

The forecast tool helps team plan their sprints by showing them the backlog items that can be completed in future sprints based on work item estimates and a set velocity.As shown here, a velocity of 20 indicates that it will take five sprints to complete the work shown. A type of work item that helps track unplanned activities.Resolving an issue or impediment requires more work beyond what was scheduled based on actual requirements.Setting capacity for each team member working during a sprint causes the capacity bar for that individual to appear. With capacity bars, you can quickly see who is over, at, or under capacity.Capacity bars update with each of these activities: Learn more: Adjust work to fit sprint capacity.

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