Snsd tiffany and taeyeon dating

Plus generally mourning and shock since he's never had any real dating rumors. The girls will be just fine and they gonna slay everybody with their comeback.

She's such a letdown to watch 'cause she's so pretty yet so horrible in acting. I think he was only 19 or so at the time but aside from going to school, he consistently appeared on variety shows and music shows to promote himself. He's achieved so much as a singer, and gaining so much as an actor.

Although Suzy is "it" right now" it's been just a sprung for her but for Yoona, it's been consistent since debut almost and gained even more after "Gee".

She's always called on upon her positive image, bright personality, and "girl next door" pretty type of pretty.

As a fan, the only greed I have left is my wishes for them to promote more in S.

Coupled with that the growing negative attention Eunhyuk was receiving and the ridiculous statements her company was making, that were adding fuel to the storm, it got some ELF really riled up to see him getting dragged through the mud for what was essentially HER mistake and they just didn't feel like she did anything to rectify the situation.

So it was HOW it was revealed and how the situation got handled that got ELF angry and even then, we got over it pretty quickly.

I want to see more of her face yet her acting always turns me off and makes me top looking at her pretty face. He's even more loved because he's showed consistent behavior and personality through the many variety shows he's done as a fun, caring, sweet, smart, and gentleman type guy. He may not be an "A" ranked celebrity but he is most definitely one of the most loved and least hated on.

As for Yoona, from the moment they debuted, she's been the "it" girl of the group Since debut, I don't ever recall her getting into any troublesome news before.

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