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It’s understood that not everyone has pro recording gear at their houses nor have money for it but still. Anthony was kicked out of the band but I can still say to this day.Who would’ve know that this was going to cause more problems in the future.. His temper was big but much of his words were truth. The band’s focus started to become of the two who remain. We even gained another guitarist after losing one and then that guitarist left.It was never something I was okay with seeing as I always had a huge part in writing yet there is just a sense of ownership when writing your own parts.I understood that Blake is an amazing musician and can write and play many instruments and style but as a band, writing at some point should be shared.

Your “dream label” per say when you’re an inspiring hard core band or what not back In the day seeing as they were leading that scene with their plethora of bands.Versaemerge's 2010 debut album, Fixed at Zero, finds the Florida rock outfit delivering a collection of driving and passionate emo-pop/rock.Featuring the vocals of Sierra Kusterbeck, Versaemerge will certainly draw some quick comparisons to such female-fronted contemporaries as Paramore and Evanescence.Of course, regardless of the deals , it was never something we personally wanted as the band as we saw the longevity of those bands were very futile and not promising nor could they ever get us to the status we wanted to be in the music scene.While negotiations were being processed and the band just released the cities built on sand album (which I was not on) keep in mind, the band started facing some tribulation. To be honest, the majority of the band did not see this as a great option.

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Yes, the emerge still existed at the duration of me being in the band.

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