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This homestead became a wayside stop called Pums by travelers who could rest and dine after a long journey.For twelve years, the Pomeroys cultivated the land, raised Shorthorn cattle, and tended to the daily stage customers.Pomeroy is the only incorporated city in Garfield County and still maintains it historic function as the countys commercial and business center.The District is also eligible under Criterion C as an excellent collection of primarily commercial buildings dating from the 1880s, the initial period of the towns expansion, to the early 1950s when the community benefited from the prosperity of the post-World War II era.By the late 1860s, it was apparent that agriculture rather than mineral wealth would support the economy of the southeast Washington.

Pomeroy purchased land from Walter Sunderland on Pataha Creek, and built his log home.In 1860, Parson Quinn was the first to settle in the Pataha Valley; the site that would later become the City of Pomeroy (Kuykendall, p. More settlers came into the region after gold was discovered in Idaho and Montana in the early 1860s.Miners passed through present-day Garfield County on their way to the gold mines of Idaho on trails once used by native people.Prior to the Euroamerican settlement of the Columbia Plateau, native peoples including bands of Walla Walla, Cayuse, Palouse and Nez Perce traveled through the land that would later become Garfield County.These indigenous people established trails used by explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark; the first Euroamericans to pass through the region on their overland route to the Pacific.

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