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I've been coloring over the names to protect them from getting banned.I have nothing against this sort of thing, although they should keep it in private rooms, because I know that people under 18 play this game. One thing to keep in mind about a sexual VR game, is that people might lie about their age, gender, etc.You might think that virtual reality won't turn you on, but I think it feels really realistic when you're in that type of atmosphere with your headset on.It feels much different than looking at 2D video, that's for sure.Me, being the slightly perverted zombie that I am, was like "Hell yeah! We landed in a cool world, that made it look like we were walking a thin layer of reflective water.

Some people have already decided to be daring though.Sociolotron In this role-playing game, bumping uglies is a fact of life, just like battling monsters and crafting goods.Sex can be consensual or nonconsensual, and there's bondage, prostitution, STDs, and pregnancy.Valentines Day is coming up, and I bet the private rooms are going to be quite active, if you know what I America: The Game It's the next step for online dating.

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