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My goal was to glimpse a way to get through to Tom, to spot an opening to convince him to come inside and get help.I put word out to friends that, if anyone spotted him, I’d like to know.Long before Tom began exhibiting symptoms, in his twenties, our family was familiar with these dilemmas.When I was ten years old and Tom was seven, our mother began showing signs of serious mental illness.If you Google “How to convince someone with schizophrenia to get treatment,” you discover a vast network of distraught families grappling for answers.When met with resistance by a person in the grip of psychosis, experts advise, try to work around rigid beliefs rather than attempting to dismantle them.

That was my biggest worry at first—that he was always hungry.

Another states that, if he hadn’t been kicked out, he would never have sought help.

Although research suggests that the gentler, subtler forms of pressure may be more effective, it seems that nothing works for everybody and everything works for somebody.

brother Tom’s slide into homelessness occurred in stages.

We never knew exactly when or how he lost his apartment, or came to crash on friends’ couches, or began having run-ins with the cops.

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