Reentering the dating

Yeah I mean you obviously have the baggage of this relationship, but talk to someone and reinvest yourself into things you enjoy to do by yourself (hobbies, exercise, rebuilding old cars, whatev).After that you have no kids or anything else to connect yourself to your ex, I know it's really hard to not focus on your ex's wandering eye, but it's like you said, there was a dead bedroom and your lack of mutual communication ended up with her searching out others. I've been wanting/needing to lose about 55 pounds for nearly a year now, but nothing has been enough to push me over the edge.In the last few weeks, my partner and I decided our 3 year relationship is going to end at the end of 2019 - we like and love each other but we're not right for each other in the long term/marriage.

I don't plan on dating apps for a while etc, but if I meet someone interesting, who knows.I want a family and I’m not soured on marriage, just her.I’m almost 30, we were together since 16..should I know?Good luck to you as wellsolid advice, currently working on a "me" calendar for the next year.I'm going to plan out what I want to do but never did. I'm 35 now and new to dating in the last few years.

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I feel almost bad about how suddenly motivated I am to make healthy choices and lose the weight now.

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