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Try to enable the Redmine "Report last commit for files and directories" option. By the way, make sure that your permissions are correct and whatnot. remote: Initialized empty Git repository in /home/gitolite/repositories/blah2.git/ To [email protected]:e8b2d7f..948c5b1 master - master Processing Projects Controller#create (for at 2011-09-28 ) [POST] Parameters: Redirected to Cloning gitolite-admin repository Our hook is already installed Our hook is already installed Setting up hooks for project blah2 Completed in 11922ms (DB: 278) | 302 Found [ Processing Projects Controller#settings (for at 2011-09-28 ) [GET] Parameters: Rendering template within layouts/base Rendering projects/settings DEPRECATION WARNING: @repository will no longer be implicitly assigned to repository.

Your post-receive hook may not be working correctly (you can also check this in the plugin configuration panel). Total 4 (delta 1), reused 0 (delta 0) remote: remote: remote: Repository does not have "hooks.redmine_gitolite.key" set. (called from _run_rhtml_vendor47plugins47redmine_git_hosting47app47views47projects47settings47_repository46rhtml_locals_object_repository_tab at /home/vk/redmine-1.2/vendor/plugins/redmine_git_hosting/app/views/projects/settings/_repository.rhtml:56) DEPRECATION WARNING: @repository will no longer be implicitly assigned to repository.

This is what it looks like: VM that has Redmine with redmine_git_plugin installed: VM that has Redmine without redmine_git_plugin: Redmine server is the WEBrick server that comes with Redmine, I've installed the plugin according to the instructions given, and gitolite was installed following this installation example under a user named 'gitolite'.

I'm using the following: Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 Redmine v1.2 Redmine_git_hosting v0.4.1 I'm not particularly familiar with Redmine, Ruby or Linux to figure out what might be going wrong here, and I didn't see any previous issues that were similar to this problem.

Added the code to the file and this is the result: Hmm..

that's the expected output, and it means you can run git just fine to access the repo.

Is there a proper way to set this up that I missed? I found a way to make the Repository & Activity pages work, sort of. I have to specifically refresh the Repository page of each individual project for any changes to show up in the Activity stream.

If it would help, I can upload a copy of the VMWare Player image I'm using, and instructions of the installation route I took. The repository updates properly, and I can browse through all repository branches in redmine with no problem.However, associated revisions don't show up in issues automatically for commits made to any branch other than master.Which means whatever is going on is probably fairly subtle.I'm going to try a couple more things to try to reproduce the problem.

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