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That is, the rating greatly influences interest rates, investment appetite, and bond pricing.Furthermore, the independent rating agencies issue ratings based on future expectations and outlook.Generally, a "AAA" high-grade rated bond offers more security and a lower profit potential (lower yield) than a "B-" rated speculative bond.For a financial institution, ratings are developed based on specific intrinsic and external influences.The daughter would either respond by living up to the father’s expectation and even actually living her father’s unfinished dreams; or rebel.There are fathers who wanted a son but ended up getting a daughter.

Specific bonds, such as hybrid securities, require additional complex analysis, such as the underlying terms of the debt.Daughter and father complex issues can stem from an overbearing father, an absentee father or even from the mother. Daddy issues Daddy issues or what is called the Electra syndrome, is a complex issue of a daughter competing with her mother for the attention of the father.As the child grows up, she eventually tends to look for male attention outside of the home front.An Oedipus complex is manifested by a deep affection for the parent of the opposite sex, a brusque attitude or indifference to the same-sex parent, a perception that the beloved parent is the focus of the child's life, an expressed desire to marry the beloved parent, over-sensitivity to any seeming rejection by the beloved parent and fantasizing about sexual relations with this parent, according to Psychology.Sigmund Freud conceived of the Oedipus complex to explain a certain stage in a child's development.

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A bond rating is a grade given to a bond by various rating services that indicates its credit quality.

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