Piercing intimidating titan

After these seventeen centuries when Karl Fritz, the 145th King of the Fritz family, abandoned the conflicts of Eldia and relocated to Paradis Island, the Armored Titan was taken by the nation of Marley during the Great Titan War.

In the year 843, Reiner Braun was chosen to inherit the power of the Armored Titan.

A story where Eren has only known his life as a titan and saves is taken into the walls and is expected to live as a human.

How does a titan who knows next to nothing adjust to living a life behind the walls?

Eren is a titan living outside the walls, living in complete isolation by avoiding other titans.

He would later make use of his Titan form in a war between Marley and an enemy nation, using his Armored Titan to take the brunt of enemy artillery fire.

After arriving on the island and venturing northwards to the Walls, Reiner entered into Shiganshina District, the southernmost territory of Eldia, after Bertolt destroyed the south gate with his Colossus Titan.

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