Osx86 updating 10 4 1 to 10 4 9

Hello, I am trying to update my Mac OS X software to 10.10.0. Is anyone able to post up the link to the OS X 10.10.0 full update here? We can't post a link to the full updater because it must be accessed thru your Apple account in the App Store. If you have a slow Internet connection, fix a new pot of coffee.1. Once in App Store, Sign into your Apple account at the top under "Store" drop-down menu. Once your Apple account is signed in, click on the "Purchased" icon at the top of the App Store Application window. Once in the Purchased tab, you should see all of your previous purchased software.I currently am running Version 10.8.5 on a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 Mac with 8 GB of RAM. I actually already tried downloading the update from here, it says I download the update but that an error has occured. If you don't find the previous download, repair disk permissions, reboot and try downloading again. "IF" you previously have purchased any of the older Operating Systems (OS), you should see the old versions of the Apple OS if you previously had downloaded it.In addition, it includes System Utilities to rebuild caches and repair permissions and a collection of drivers, bootloaders, boot time config files, and handy software.This version is specially designed for mac OS Mojave Change Log: Multi Beast 11.3.0 Released 2019-05-28 Visible Changes: - Fixed description for Customize -&g Uni Beast has been updated to version 9 for mac OS Mojave.Note 3: You will also need to check if TRIM is still enabled as this OS X update will disable it, if you need help with TRIM follow this guide.

This version is specially designed for OS X EL Capitan Changelog: Multi Beast for Sierra is an all-in-one post-installation utility designed to enable boot from a hard drive.This tool creates a bootable USB drive from your Mac App Store purchased copy of mac OS High Sierra.The resulting USB drive allows for a clean install, upgrade or use as a rescue boot drive.Multi Beast for EL Capitan is an all-in-one post-installation tool designed to enable boot from hard drive, and install support for Audio, Network, and Graphics.It contains two different complete post-installation solutions: Easy Beast and User DSDT.

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The software is also not downloading properly from the software update (it says 'error') so the only way I can download the update is by manually downloading this.

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