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They know quite alright they don’t have a chance with you, but they believe there is no harm in trying. I really wanted to marry you but if you can't respect tomatoes, how will you respect me as your husband!

A Calabar Guy will approach a beautiful lady and tells her how much he likes her, how much he wants to see her happy, how happy he would make her feel. dunno how it happened but every babe in tema was calling for an invite to come see lagos, psquare and whizkid. Chai Ivyy, Darlings please I need your support in this thread. 96Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.

He said that it would not be a problem and he could handle it.

But I only continued with him because I was waiting for the promises to be fulfilled. We had a bit of misunderstanding concerning money and our relationship.

(2) (3) (4) A Ghanaian lady, Hanny Morgana has, from her own point of view, listed out the different kinds of Nigerian men and their characters as a guide for her country women to follow when they want to date a Nigerian man. See below I hear Ghanaian ladies say Nigerian men are the best: they are loving, caring, and really caring (financially). So in your fourteen-day quest, it is important to understand your man. They always want you to be around them; they want you to be happy, so will do anything to make you happy. Because their motive is so genuine, they easily get obsessed and that’s where the problem starts.

Miss Odikagbo, a student of Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori, reportedly met Orisanya on Badoo network and they started dating online.

I asked my friend who is also my in-law to help me so that I could get the money forcefully from Bankole. My in-law was holding a tape while the other guy held a torch and something that looked like a gun.

“Along the line, I could not control my anger so I asked my in-law to come help harass him to get what I could get from him and move on with my life. After we were done, I left him in the bedroom and went to the kitchen as if I wanted to drink water, and let the guys in. We met Bankole in the sitting room; probably trying to know what kept me away for long. Bankole and I went on our knees and the guys were threatening us, asking for money.

They are also called the “ladies men.”DELTA MEN (aka Warri). Everything you are doing for them, washing and all that, is out of your own kind gesture. But will be the first to say “Girls are not loyal.” I wonder what they think loyalty means.

So he is trying to explain to the ladies one after the other that you are his girlfriend. On Friday, he will go clubbing and will pick a random girl up. But they will spend on you: he can buy you anything you want so long as you stay loyal as they want you to.

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