Net bindingsource not updating

In the Detail section I have textboxes wherein the user can change data; this data has to be saved to the database using the update method.

Accept Changes() Thanks, Bill Cincinnati, OH USA Dear reader, Situation I have created a Master-Detail solution which works very good (thanks to the help of this newsgroup).

You are change the properties of the projected copy of the entity, while entity itself stays unchanged.

That is why save does not work - entity stays unchanged.

bm Zones is a Binding Manager Base that I tried and couldn't get to work either. Connection = sql Connection; sql Data Adapter Solutions = new Sql Data Adapter(sql Command); sql Command Builder Solutions = new Sql Command Builder(sql Data Adapter Solutions); sql Data Adapter Solutions. Binding Source = binding Source Bugs; //update sql Data Adapter Solutions.

---------------------- "Dustin Davis" gt; What is bm Zones? Command Text = "SELECT * FROM [tbl Solutions]"; sql Command. Columns["ID"]; data Column Child = data Set Solutions. Columns["ID_Bug"]; data Relation = new Data Relation("Relation_Bug_Solution", data Column Parent, data Column Child); data Set Solutions. Add(data Relation); binding Source Bugs = new Binding Source(data Set Solutions, "bugs"); binding Source Solutions = new Binding Source(binding Source Bugs, "Relation_Bug_Solution"); binding Source Submitters = new Binding Source(data Set Solutions, "submitters"); lbl Bug Title. Add("Text", binding Source Bugs, "Title"); lbl Datum B. Add("Text", binding Source Bugs, "Date Time"); lbl Submitter B. Add("Text", binding Source Bugs, "ID_Submitter"); tbx Date. Add("Text", binding Source Solutions, "Date Time"); tbx Submitter. Add("Text", binding Source Solutions, "ID_Submitter"); tbx Description. Add("Text", binding Source Solutions, "Solution"); this.binding Navigator Bugs.

Is ds Zones a strongly typed dataset that you designed with the Data Set Designer? Zones, Process ID) When I used strongly typed dataset, the Fill only takes one argument. If you tell me what you're trying to do, I'll post some code that shows you how to do that. If you use a strongly typed dataset, it defines pointers to the columns that are defined as datacolumn, and this is much faster: Debug. Your strongly typed dataset is called Zones Data Set when defined, and ds Zones is an instance of that, probably added to the form at design time. Ole Db Command(form SQL, g Shared Data Con) da Form.

Can you check the Row State of the new record and see if it is, indeed, set as an Insert and not an Update? If you repost the whole thing (but without the in front), I'll paste it into VS and figure out how to fix it. Index) can be replaced by rw Then you can access rw. Split_Zone -- this will set that column to null This would save you a lot of typing, and maybe make it easier to read your lst Zones_Draw Item routine. Row State Accessing columns as Item("columnname") is inefficient. Here are my assumptions about your design; feel free to correct me.

I think it's because the Row State is still unchanged (but why)? Fill(data Set Solutions, "bugs"); sql Command = new Sql Command(); sql Command.I've also tried setting Virtual Mode to true on the grid and catching Cell Value Pushed and Cell Value Needed events but those are never called.2019阿里云全部产品优惠券(新购或升级都可以使用,强烈推荐)领取地址: a VB. NET project I'm working on in VS2013 I have a Data Grid View populated with a Data Set from a SQL Server2012 Database and I'm using a Binding Source and Table Adapter - no "custom" work to populate and edit the Data Grid View. (They're written to the SQL database and the changes are reflected when the DGV is refreshed. I call the following method to add a new record: Zone = Me. Add New() Then when I'm done filling in the form, I call: Me. The column it does not allow nulls is a foreign key of the child table (form). I tried to set the value manually, but got same error. However, when I close and re-open the app, the changes are lost, which means that they are not reaching the datasource. I've searched all over and I think that this should work - but it obviously doesn't (and I'm kind of a moron). Open() Dim da As New Sql Data Adapter(str SQL, cn) da. The form I am working on now (and trying to add a record) is one of the child tables. The code appears to work fine in that it compiles and executes without error and the changes are reflected in the dataset. Dim str SQL As String str SQL = "SELECT * FROM Orders WHERE Order ID = @Order ID" cn.

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