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If you’re a parent or guardian, make it explicit that you allow your kids to go on strike, if they want to.

Share it with your friends, colleagues, and family members. Don’t underestimate the power you have to inspire your friends if you’re passionate about a cause.

Look for old cardboard or arts supplies in your house which they can re-use, or take them to the city to buy paper, markers and other things they need.

Let your child host a “Make your own banner” evening at your house and let them invite their friends.

Get in touch and ask them to help amplify the climate strikes – or not to discourage the mobilisations or penalise striking students!

If you’re part of an existing climate campaigning group, think of how you can escalate your actions around the strikers next action to keep the momentum going.

Most calls for school strikes ask for solidarity from adults, and welcome everyone to join.

If you’re a grown-up, parent, grandparent, a teacher, or simply an ally, and the striking kids have inspired you too, but you’re not sure how you can take action, read on.

Share this video on Facebook and Twitter to let your friends and family know about the climate strike.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Activate your own network (yes, you have one! Think of the organisations, clubs or faith groups you belong to. Talk about the school strikes at your next meeting; take to social media and share a public statement of support. Take it even further: maybe you or your friends know a reporter at your local radio station or newspaper? Maybe you’re on good footing with a local politician or someone from your municipality?

Together with colleagues, speak to the school administration and tell them about your support for the school protest.

In short: help make it possible, easy and safe for kids to attend the strikes, if they choose to.

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