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Touring in support of her new record, , Hannigan was in a fittingly cheery mood as she sat down with us over pie and tea—seriously! I think the first one, I was very aware of people listening to it, or rather the people in the future that might be listening to it. It was just purely a selfish endeavor, which it has to be. OLOIZIA: Your friend Glen [Hansard] has a documentary coming out about his music and his relationship with [ex-girlfriend] Marketa Irglova. Whereas with your second one, people are generally a bit more, you know, “I’ve moved on.” But I wasn’t trying to think like that. And I really wanted to get ten songs together that I felt were strong and cohesive and lyrically interesting, and not have any dips.

—to discuss her craft, Robbie Williams, and amongst other things, her appreciation for the sweeter things in life. Obviously, everyone will have a dip in a record, but for me, I like all the songs, so I’m sort of pleased when they come up on the setlist. HANNIGAN: I met him a couple times with Damien at various things, and he’s such a lovely man.

But actually the key that it’s in makes his voice quite fragile and light.

It is in this very space that Sigur Ros made some of their finest albums.

Since beginning her solo career in 2007 she has released three albums: Sea Sew and At Swim (2016). Lisa Hannigan has been in a relationship with Damien Rice (2001 – 2006). We are currently in process of looking up information on the previous dates and hookups.

Hannigan’s music has received award nominations both in Ireland and the USA.

I imagine, with Robbie Williams, if you’ve got like a thousand screaming girls chasing you down Oxford Street and then you’re walking down Broadway and there are ten screaming girls, maybe you feel like you’ve gone down a peg.

I think it’s a different thing for a super massive pop star.

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