Ivory towers dating reviews uk

The site has been around for a number of years (since 2003), however with only around 100 active members, this niche site may only attract a small, loyal crowd of individuals.

Ivory Towers is a site that caters uniquely to the needs of UK graduates and postgraduates.

Signing up takes quite some time, primarily because you need to complete a very detailed personality quiz.

Thankfully, the site’s team realise that this takes considerable time to complete fully, so you can stop and start as you please, with your updates saved, ready for you to continue later.

The benefit of a personality quiz over a conventional matching system, is that it’s hard to ‘cheat’.

There were also plenty of attractive professionals in the areas we monitored, which means your chances of finding a date are much improved.

If you have some extra time to spare on really nailing a top personality and lifestyle-orientated profile, Elite Singles has plenty to offer its members.

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