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Then, I’m like wow, I have to get a documentary crew and they have to document what is happening here.It is something magical and I don’t know what it is but I have to capture it.The reason I ask is in the book you have a shot of just a man’s legs and it is entitled (The End). Not because I was worried about censorship, I just don’t like to see a woman’s pussy in the photo. People who either A) can’t understand or B) don’t wanna understand or C) don’t think they can handle. And would we be grateful if we were confined to a wheelchair or lost our sight, would we be grateful if we were doused with battery acid or lost our arms or legs? James and I wrote all the lyrics and we spent a lot of time talking about life. That we both felt like outcasts at some points in our lives, the concept of being successful and always being told that you won’t be, couldn’t be and shouldn’t be successful.I’m ok with amputations, disfigurement, nudity, transgender and death…I’m just not ok with that. Those life struggles come out in the music as well as relationships with, fathers, mothers, girlfriends, wives, family. Nikki: It has nothing to do with that with that relationship. To me, it’s what all human hearts and the spikes are all the different experiences.The tattoo artist shared a heartwarming photo of herself and her new boo kissing with the caption, "Juntos en vida y en muerte." Que lindos!Kat started dating famous music producer Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 in 2012 and by December of that year, the two were engaged. In June 2013, the two ended their engagement after he reportedly cheated on her.Motley Crue is this living breathing monster that has trampled its way through life and really doesn’t take any prisoner. This dragon should have been slain a long time ago, how it’s still alive, I don’t know. I won’t say it’s not fun, I would say it’s like going to war! Ifs it’s successful, I’m going to celebrate like a motherfucker. Nikki: It already succeeds and failed at the same time. You have it, and that’s all I care about, and that you listen to it.

The photography then bleeds over into influencing DJ Ashba and Michael James (Sixx AM) when they write songs.

This is all really awkward since she got him tattooed on her body.

It’s a chilling and heavy take on the concept in which photography inspires music and music inspires photograph then blurring the line.

We are going to record it, write it, sing about it, talk about it, take picture of it, and make films about it. It’s like Psych 101 and I’m still trying to figure it out.

In the end its like I have given birth to the baby and you can tell me what it’s all about? Rob: Most artist/photographer are never really satisfied with their work, they always think they can do better?

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