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On 1 February 2015, Brown began co-hosting the Australian version of I'm a Celebrity... In March 2017, Brown announced he was stepping down as host of Bondi Vet due to an extensive schedule.Vet Gone Wild, a series that began airing on Animal Planet (US) in June 2018, features Brown helping animals in various situations outside of Sydney.Since the couple’s nasty split, Brown has made several attempts to get back with Tran who has gone to great lengths to avoid the singer.As of 2017, Tran was granted a five-year restraining order against Brown after claiming he had threatened to kill her.Tran, was quickly dubbed by the media as a rebound girl but Tran proved herself loyal to Brown and stuck by his side through all his legal battles, stints in rehab and even when the troubled singer was sent to prison.Brown and Tran’s relationship seemed solid even when Brown stepped out on Tran in 2013 to date his ex Rihanna.Chris Brown (born 11 September 1978) is an Australian veterinarian, television presenter and author.

His first book, The Family Guide to Pets, was released in 2005 and sold over 25,000 copies.You’d have to be pretty much living under a rock to have not heard of Chris Brown.The super talented, record-breaking singer who first caught everyone’s attention back in 2005 with his debut hit single, “Run It”, has been gifting us with countless slow jams, headbangers and smooth dance moves for more than a decade.Draya Michele first burst onto the scene when she was featured on Vh1’s Basketball Wives.Michele, a model, fashion designer and former professional dancer, made headlines however when she was spotted with Brown.

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