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Trust us when we say you’ve never greener green or more idyllic beauty than you will along the Ring of Kerry.

The setting is overwhelmingly stunning and possibly even more beautiful from below.The size of these basalt columns vary over the 25 miles of the causeway, but the largest measure up to 82 feet tall and 20 inches wide.The causeway is located on the shore of Northern Ireland near the town of Bushmills.Human presence on the island dates back to 600 CE, and was a safe space for Catholics who suffered under the restrictive 18th-century What Cork lacks in size (it’s Ireland’s 2nd largest city, but has about 800,000 fewer inhabitants than Dublin) it makes up for with its plethora of incredible activities.Shop for snacks at the awesome Ireland’s oldest National Park, Killarney ranges over 25,400 acres.

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There’s truly nothing more calming or beautiful than star gazing while gliding across the waters of Lough Hyne on a kayak.

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