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Some suggestions This is just to inform you of a type of scam that is quite popular with online dating.

Whoever is behind the scam will try to get as much money out of the unsuspecting online dater as possible.

Most scammers ask money for one or more of the following: Sometimes men are being asked to cash a check for the girl (watch out for that one, the checks will bounce!

), to open or fund an Ebay account for the girl, to disclose their bank account or credit card information.

What if you met an honest girl that really needs help? Just open her profile and click "Report this profile as fake or scam-suspicious".

We recommend that you first visit her face-to-face and then decide if you would like to do any type of financial aid. We will react within 24 hours and remove her profile and blacklist her data. Usually we blacklist scammers' email and IP addresses and some other identification info.

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