How to stop dating losers

How do you know you are one — or in a relationship with one of those? Men and women with a loser mentality hide who they really are (or at least think they are hiding). When they can’t have their way, they gather their toys and run home to their rooms (incommunicado), or try to sabotage others so that “everyone loses”.7.Loser mentality type are happy with the passive role in the relationship because they don’t have to make decisions or stand accountable.8.Most men can’t stand the deadbeats because they keep getting girlfriends while you slave away at your job struggling to find a date. How can you stand out to these women when you’re busy working and making a living with no time to post stories all day and party 6 nights per week? That’s just the way it is and you simply need to accept it.

But, I absolutely love having social circles full of successful, smart women with great heads on their shoulders.

And, in this social media age we live in, the deadbeat loser can really spike a woman’s emotions to obscene levels. He has a ton of time to spare because his job is a joke (or he’s jobless).

You see, guys who are generally successful and busy in their lives don’t really waste time on social media. Since women are emotionally-driven, always in search of emotional “highs”, they flock towards these losers for the simple fact that he makes her “feel good” in certain moments.

One of the most common questions I get is this: Why is it that women (especially young women) choose to date these awful, deadbeat losers instead of successful, hard-working, stable guys?

It all comes down to the way women are with their emotions.

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