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Some even work with a Bluetooth gamepad for that real console feel! If so, then Shadowmatic is a puzzle game that is meant for you.Shadowmatic is a puzzle game where you have abstract objects that must be rotated around in a spotlight until they begin to form recognizable silhouettes in the shadows.And it has a complication as well, albeit not very useful.Developer: Etermax Availability: Trivia Crack on i Tunes App Store (Free) The game of Pong needs no introduction, and this title brings that fun to your wrist.There's a ton of single-player content if multiplayer isn't your thing, and considering that the game is free to start with, there's a lot to do.Free with in-app purchases - Learn more Do you have a favorite game for Apple TV? The classic alien shooter is back on your i Phone, and it looks beautiful.

Instead of being dependent on your i Phone, Trivia Crack can be played entirely on Apple Watch, too.

The other option is you keep reading on and find out our best picks for you for the top 15 best games that you can play on the Apple Watch. Timecrest is one of those games that are my personal favourites, and I haven’t played it yet for too long.

It’s a nonlinear story-based game that follows through the adventures of Ash, a being from another world that you are supposed to help save.

There is also more DLC content if you finish the main game.

with in-app purchases - Learn more Love modern racing games with fancy cars and insane speeds? While speed is the name of the game (not literally), it's not the only exciting and fun thing about Asphalt 8.

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