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Nick Heymann, co-group head of global industrial infrastructure at William Blair, said it was hard to believe that GE had fraudulently misrepresented its financial reporting — especially after engaging with several regulatory reviews of its accounting and financial disclosures for over two years.

"As such, we tend to find the effort to portray GE's current financial condition assuming all three alleged cash or noncash charges totaling ~ billion should have been previously recognized is at best disingenuous and at worst highly inaccurate," Heymann said in a note to clients Thursday.

Citi research analyst and managing director Andrew Kaplowitz also backed GE, telling clients that while analysts were "still digesting" it, the report had "sufficient shortcomings" and Citi continues to believe in Culp's ability to improve the company over time.

Kaplowitz pointed to Culp's share purchases in the open market Thursday, which reflected "high conviction that the allegations do not represent incremental unknown challenges." "The 175 page report seems sensationalized and according to press reports the author appears to have a financial interest in a GE stock decline given a partnership with an undisclosed hedge fund," Kaplowitz said in a note to clients Thursday.

The couple kept their distance at the wedding, and paparazzi didn’t realize they were there until Hu Ge and Lin Xiao were photographed in Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport on the same day, though at different times.

Their appearance at the wedding has gotten netizens to wonder whether or not Hu Ge will be the next person to leave the singles market.

General Electric bounced back Friday after the CEO shored up confidence by purchasing a bulk of company shares, and analysts defended the industrial giant.

GE's stock surged more than 9% on Friday following its biggest drop since April 2008 a day earlier. The stock began its downward spiral Thursday morning after Harry Markopolos, best-known for pointing out irregularities with Bernie Madoff's investment strategy years before the Ponzi scheme was exposed, published a report accusing GE of fraudulent financial statements.

According to the Taiwanese media, Hu Ge had brought his girlfriend, Lin Xiao, along with him to Wallace and Ruby Lin’s wedding in Bali last month, reports Jayne Stars.

Facebook Dating still isn’t available in the United States.

But in the five countries where it launched already — and the 14 more that are joining the service today — there’s a new way to see which friends might be romantically interested in you.

To be sure, some on Wall Street still have questions after the report.

Jay Gelb, managing director and senior insurance equity research analyst at Barclays, said he was not currently in a position to say whether Markopolos's GE shortfall reserve estimate was reasonable, "although it is certainly concerning."One area Markopolos' report focuses on is GE's long-term care insurance unit, for which the company had to boost reserves by billion last year.

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