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The springs rise under the piazza of a low and long house, at the foot of the hillock on which the tavern stands, and in a hollow formed by this with the small hill on which the cabins are principally built.

The reservoir is a circle of about five feet diameter, surrounded by a railing two or three feet high.

Lewis, grandson of the first William, gave a deed of trust to the property to one Laurens Haskell, for a debt of l0,000. Lewis, in 1842 apparently took over a portion of the debt and received a deed of trust for 1,000 acres of the Sweet Springs property as security for ,000. Lewis found himself embroiled in a large debt which gave to various men deeds of trust for much of his property including that at Sweet Springs. Three years previous he had built a new and grand hotel and it could be that he was unable to finance the venture. There would probably already be five or six cots in the same cabin.

It was to be paid off in ten years, but there is no evidence that Lewis failed to meet the obligation. Also local tradition and family legends hint that he might have lost it at the "gaming table." The debt incurred by Lewis amounted to the magnificent sum of ,555. However, nearly everyone admit he accommodations at the Sweet Springs were nearly always good, the fare excellent.

Andrew is noted for his exploits as an Indian fighter and for his participation in the Battle of Point Pleasant. Thomas was the first surveyor of Augusta County, Va.

The location of the Mill Place is not known; however, since a number Of mills probably operated along Dunlap Creek at various times it could have been at almost any place on the creek. They were to be advertised in the National Intelligencer, Washington; Richmond Whig, Richmond Enquirer, New York Courier, New York Enquirer, Western Whig of Lewisburg, Fincastle Democrat and Lynchburg Virginian. Caperton also sold his interest in a sawmill, apparently on one of the previously mentioned tracts of land.

William Lewis had divided 436 acres of the farm between the Sweet and Red Springs between his sons, John and Charles Lewis, on October 25, 1804. However, Lewis was permitted to remain in residence until either the debt was paid or the land was sold. Each bond was for ,367.50 payable in one, two, three, and four years. A few days earlier Christopher Beirne sold to Oliver Beirne his interest in the same lands for ,000. And thus the Sweep Springs property remained until after the Civil War.

The first Lewis home at Sweet Springs was a large log cabin located near a mill at the Red Sweet (now Sweet Chalybeate), about one mile from the location of the present buildings at Sweet Springs.

Later he built a stone house which stood at the rear of the site on which the brick mansion, Lynnside, stood.

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