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When you have to get the geck, you have to go through little lamplight. First get rad radiation perk fully then get a advance radiation suit that moira brown got then you shoud be able to go through without getting poison.NOTE: if you do, get the brotherhood of steel holotag and then give it to scribe jameson.NOTE: if you get the beacon signal its call the recon draft ship and if your fall your lose the signal so good luck. After you escape the jefferson memorial and go to the citdal go to the arliton library right next to the alexandra arms. Go to where the raiders are when they hide and you will hear two enclave helicopters droping off the enclave I recemend not to attack.Just wait a hour or attack and if you wait you will see 3 enclave kill. Second, they got shot third, the got shot by the mark4 laser turrent.In there you will find Prime’s body, search his body and he will have the Xuanlong Assault Rifle along with 500 caps, explosives, and ammo.(NOTE: if you make an error in the terminals, you will be unable to obtain the weapon. To find a fat man, go to the capital building which is located on the other side of the mall were he Washington Monument is go in side the fat man will be located were the behemoth is but be careful a bounty hunter has it (if you don’t kill him in one shot he will either use it on you or you will brake the fat man the fat man is expensive to fix).Once you ask about trading she will give you a discount and discount on repair. When you go to fort Constantine after you get all the keys from the quest you gotta shoot em in the head you will be able to open up a secret box or locker you have to travel to the very bottom of the fort which is hard because its infested with robots anyway after you go down to the last level there will be a door or a locker or a box that requires the keys that you got from the quest when you unlock it it will reveal the normal t-51b power armor the creators made this so that it would be more realistic from the one in operation anchorage because the one in anchorage never breaks but any way good luck with the new armor.After you unlock the three terminals, go to the Diner in Jury Street Metro Station.

NOTE:this area is always found when doing the head of state quest when you have 2 find the large poster of the memorial. Just decapitate the body (to make it lighter), pick it up (the body) and keep it pointed at the enemy.

You will find the best armor in the game called the T-51b armor in the stasis field, there is also a fatman and some mini nukes too. Now you’ll start to hear shooting, hurry and follow the shooting. When you say the right words, the dog is your friend, and it will follow you. When you fall from a high distance just hit b on your controller and go to your pip boy then hit b again and you land a fall from a high distance.

(be sure to explore the rest of the fort including the main building there is some extra goodies around.) On your way to the Minefield, you’re almost there, but keep looking at your left. NOTE: I always do this when I’m on a quest and I wanna get out.

If you find a Brotherhood of Steel person, and if they have a big battery on their backs, they have the Gatling Laser.

The Gatling Laser is a Laser that shoots straight, has nice accuracy, and does a lot of damage. Simply walk up to a single person (its to hard to do with a group) draw a weapon that will almost kill them but doesn’t. This is actually only available to those with the broken steel expansion.

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