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When we fight, we resolve it very quickly because we're very good at being explicitly honest with each other in the best way possible. He's pretty much a big swingin' penis all the time but he's also willing to take criticism which is always a good thing.It seems the best way we get along is through building off of the others views on people/society.This is unfortunate, since SJs are the ones that have the patience and discipline to follow through with the day to day realities of life and help keep and restore order when our crazy ideas don't quite materialize in the way we anticipated. I actually did notice that because when I searched the internet for SJ and SP information, it seemed a little too sparse, but in an odd way. I've recently started dating an ESTJ and there has definitely been a lot of ups and downs.Then I realized most of them probably are just doing their thing and not thinking about the Myers Brigg tests like the NTs and the NFs. Even though I'm ENTP, there are a lot of times when I am pretty emotional or more sensitive, but I think it's a result of over thinking the simple nuances of everyday actions.Overall, I love my partner, I wouldn't want anyone else, but tbh I'm not sure this pairing is for everyone. ENTP married to an ESTJ (with ENTJ tendencies) here. Most of the time it isn't even because we're angry with each other; we just have very strong differing opinions and have to intellectually duke it out until one of us admits the other is right.Don't be afraid of the arguments as long as they are respectful and yielding productive results.He's actually leaving for two years soon, and I don't think this is something that could be long distance for that long.

ENTP's have a nasty habit of procrastinating and just plain shirking their work, and this may drive an ESTJ up the wall.ENTP's are very creative, and ESTJ's can thrive off of this by putting their ideas into actions and helping to trim and shape them. ENTP's and ESTJ's can both be bery awkward in outward expressions of emotion until that barrier is broken, although I think ENTP's less so.ENTP's are never boring to be around, and are generally down for socializing, although they need more introvert time than we do. Treat one well, care for them, help them plan, and the ENTP will always do right by you. It can be difficult for the ESTJ to understand the ENTP sometimes, because they're off in weird intuitive land and we're trying to keep up.We broke up several times before we decided to nut up about our differences and take the plunge.Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with it are many plans and expectations of the “perfect” date.

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