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While not everyone needs a blowout bash to celebrate a marriage, we have to wonder if Gayheart and Dane's spontaneous ceremony was truly sparked by love or if it was all just one big dare.

Or perhaps Gayheart was simply trying to hang on to something positive after experiencing a tragedy a couple years earlier… Gayheart was charged with vehicular manslaughter, to which she pleaded no contest.

Read on to learn all about why this pair just couldn't stay together.

Every love story has a beginning, but not all are very romantic.

"I was seeing these doctors thinking that there was something physically wrong with me, because I'd never felt like that." While Dane may have gotten the professional help he needed, we wonder if the depression had anything to do with his relationship — or, on the other hand, if treating his depression caused him to see his marriage in a new light.

That said, when either one are falling by the wayside, it can be a cause of stress in a relationship.

"My baby sister Rachel 'ray' has sadly passed away," she wrote.

"Let this be a reminder that every day is precious and we must live our best life NOW." Could the untimely loss of her sister have led Gayheart to reexamine her own life choices?

Unfortunately, Dane's own struggle with depression could have been a contributing factor to the dissolution of his marriage with Gayheart. A few months later, Dane commented on his leave, explaining that the depression came on suddenly.

"That was a scary thing, when you wake up and you're like: 'I don't want to get out of bed,'" Dane told the ).

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actress swerved around cars that had apparently stopped to allow the child, identified as Jorge Cruz Jr., to cross the street. She was sentenced to three years of probation, a one-year suspension of her driver's license, and a $2,800 fine, as well as 750 hours of community service and an order to appear in a public service announcement about driving awareness.

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