David archuleta dating miley cyrus

Packer, President of the Quarum of the Twelve Apostles: "Romantic love is incomplete. Love is nourished by the coming of children, who spring from the fountain of loveexpressed between a man and a woman in marriage.

#Pres Packer." Two days later David released an apology on his website.

David Archuleta is getting ready to debut his brand new single, “Paralyzed”!

The 28-year-old accomplished singer revealed that the new song was “a bit of a venting song.

), recently met with Rock Mafia producers Antonia Armato and Tim James, who cowrote and coproduced eight of the tracks on Cyrus' latest album, .

Asked by judge Randy Jackson why he didn't sing the first verse, Archuleta said the third verse was his favorite because it has "a great message." After his performance of "We Can Work It Out," which judge Simon Cowell called "a mess," "Entertainment Tonight" reported that Archuleta was feeling pressure from his father, Jeff, who "reportedly yelled at" his son after a recording session the previous night.

Sorry these are a bit late but I didn’t have the chance to upload them. He’s already released his first music video for his song “Crush” and will make his acting debut on Nickelodeon’s i Carly.

PEOPLE is sitting down with the 16-year-old before he releases his self-titled debut album next month, but first we want to hear from you.

"Los Angeles Times" columnist Ann Powers speculated that he wanted to avoid singing "no religion too" because of his faith.

"As a Mormon, he's unlikely to espouse the song's agnostic ideal," she wrote.

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