The result is a dis­con­nect between spo­ken and writ­ten lan­guage, and a dimin­ished record of writ­ten Scots as it is spo­ken infor­mal­ly, rather than in lit­er­a­ture or poet­ry.

For many young Scots, social media might be a new and unique oppor­tu­ni­ty to write in the same way as they speak.

Plus, the over­all brief, con­ver­sa­tion­al tone just adds more empha­sis.

It’s as if you’re just talk­ing loads of shite with your pals.” As with oth­er social media, the role Twit­ter can play in con­struct­ing and com­mu­ni­cat­ing iden­ti­ty might also be cen­tral to Scot­tish Twit­ter, par­tic­u­lar­ly for a coun­try with a strong sense of col­lec­tive cul­ture but a com­plex and some­what unique posi­tion as a nation with­in a nation – and one still grap­pling with exis­ten­tial ques­tions about its own place and identity.

A vietnami háború zajlik, az amerikai fiatalok egyszerre szeretnék élvezni a fiatalságuk, állást foglalni a témában, és megélni az életüket.

Terry okos, merész fiatal egyetemista, aki nagyon szerelmes.

Their find­ings sug­gest­ed this was because tweets with hash­tags were intend­ed to be seen by a broad­er audi­ence, point­ing again to the infor­mal and famil­ial nature of Scots usage.The phe­nom­e­non of Scots Twit­ter is large­ly an expres­sion of urban work­ing class Scots cul­ture, and has lay­ers of cel­e­bra­tion, anger and self-par­o­dy large­ly invis­i­ble to peo­ple who aren’t close to it,” tweet­ed @Harry Josie Giles as part of a thread which used the meme to exam­ine the Scots lan­guage with­in the con­text of colo­nial­ism.If the self-pub­lish­ing and infor­mal nature of Twit­ter has allowed peo­ple to find an authen­tic writ­ten expres­sion of their spo­ken voice, the iden­ti­ty-form­ing nature of it may also have allowed oth­ers to find an inau­then­tic one.It’s the first time ever where there’s been an infor­mal pub­lic-fac­ing writ­ing plat­form.So it’s not for edu­ca­tion, or a let­ter to your doc­tor,” points out Dr.

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In a way social media is help­ing to estab­lish a whole new Scots prose tradition.” Dr.

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