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America comedy musicians Ninja Sex Party have announced a short European tour, including five UK and Ireland dates.

The Los Angeles-based band consists of Dan Avidan on vocals and Brian Wecht on keyboards, and are known for 1980s-style synthpop tracks about sex, seduction and fantasy.

It's always young 20 and thirtysomethings with their biological clocks ticking and a penchant for guys who drive expensive cars," he continues. Nor do we generally need anything else from a relationship other than the pleasure of the relationship itself.

"So, apart from internet dating, which I have tried with some success and which I advocate, how and where else can we expect to meet single women like yourself? By the time you get to our age, the other stuff -- work, home, kids, social life -- tends to be sorted. And because older women are a self-contained proposition, this makes us extremely attractive to men who can see beyond our less than dewy collagen.

I am fortunate in that I enjoy a varied and interesting lifestyle, due mainly to having a successful business and a wide range of interests.

According to The Plankton, there are no men at all out there if you are older and separated or divorced, apart from the SFARs.Men, she says, can reignite relationships with women years or even decades younger, cherry picking more youthful, fresher partners from the even-abundant internet dating tree, while women in their 40s, 50s and 60s are left to wither, unplucked.I read this a week before my 44th birthday, and two months after ending the most significant relationship I have had since my marriage, with a man whom I had one day hoped to make husband number two. I might as well just get measured up for my coffin right now.Avidan and Wecht announced their tour on Twitter today: We're coming to Europe/UK in October & November with @TWRPband and @planetbooty!Tickets available at Xbuy Rj on Weds 12 June at local time!!!

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