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However, detectives discovered a video recording which depicted Kelso admitting to consuming alcohol and using the controlled substance “Molly” also known as MDMA or “Ecstasy”. During the course of the investigation, detectives located several candid photos of Kelso at the party appearing to be enjoying himself.All information gathered during the investigation indicated there was no criminal intent on the part of Casey Mathews and Christopher Schargus.Answer 1: The phone number for Sherwin Williams is (216) 566-2000. Statements were made on the lease each time (5 year periods) that rental rates would continue to increase.They always argued about it and got their way, threatening to pull out each time.Due to Kelso’s previous behavior, the attendees of the party believed he was laying on the ground and unable to get up due to his high level of intoxication.After approximately 20 to 30 minutes medical personnel were called and Kelso was transported to the hospital to be treated.

During the initial investigation, it was determined that Kelso attended a Fourth of July celebration at a residence on Linda Lane in Cottonwood, CA.Kelso had already vomited and knocked things over while he was in the back yard and the concern was he might vomit inside the residence.Once outside, Kelso tried to go back into the residence several times.All witnesses indicated there were no racial or derogatory comments made during the party.All witnesses stated there was no fight, argument or other type of animosity between anyone during the party.

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