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Hi everyone, I am originally from the north and I moved down to atlanta because I got a job that pays me about the same and cost of living and taxes are astronomically cheaper.

People seem to hang out with their college friends and have no interest in integrating new people into their friend groups. Girls seem to date almost exclusively within their social circles and at bars the women all travel in huge groups, mostly from college.

Can't say how many random homes I've ended up in without knowing the clique previously, and I'm not extemely outgoing, but that will never happen at Buckhead Saloon. People in the south get married earlier so by default the number of friends and singles goes down.

I also live in Buckhead for commute reason but probably don't belong in Buckhead.

Different regions, cities, countries etc have different cultures and sometimes different approaches to the situation are better in some places than others.

As far as what you said about dating apps, I specifically admitted that its been my only success so far.

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