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This overcomes an issue that most new MMO players face as they aren’t able to complete certain quests/raids without the help of other players levelling up along with them.Supported platforms: Windows Maple Story 2 is another great MMORPG that differentiates itself from other games in the genre with its unique low-poly graphics and colorful design scheme.Furthermore, DC Universe Online has a very engrossing storyline, cool collectible gear, and leveling options that allow players the freedom to choose how they want to progress in game.Supported platforms: Windows, Play Station 3, Play Station 4, Xbox One Medieval fantasy lovers and fans of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Universe should definitely try out The Lord of the Rings Online – an MMORPG based in the impeccably detailed LOTR universe.Compared to World of Warcraft, which may seem like a grind at times, levelling up in Guild Wars 2 is much more fun thanks to the dynamic action-based mechanic.The game is a must have for anyone who doesn’t like the monotony of levelling up in other MMORPGs.Much like Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic also offers player-choice driven progression and along with that, a social gameplay factor that serves to bring players together in the virtual universe.Players also have the opportunity to explore the game as a single-player quest in its entirety, which is a great option for players who don’t want to depend on other players to progress in game.

When it comes to the gameplay, Lord of the Rings Online is much like any other MMORPG on this list, save for one small exception.The game offers players four unique races and ten classes to choose from, which will allow you to completely customize your character according to your play style.Blade & Soul also has a variety of Pv E dungeons which require you to team up with other players to take down bosses and it even has Pv P skirmishes in which you can test out your combat skills against other players.Supported platforms: Windows, mac OS Pricing model: Free-to-play with in-game purchases and paid DLCs If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you should definitely give Star Wars: The Old Republic a shot.The game is based in the expansive Star Wars universe, offering players a different puzzle-like combat mechanism that differentiates it from other MMORPGs.

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