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The culture is more conservative and the attractive women have less competition here than in other places.While that may be true, you can still do well here if you speak Spanish and act less like a backpacker and more like an adult.In Guatemala City, online dating is your best option to meet girls.The city is somewhat dangerous still, although things have gotten a lot better lately, especially in the nicer areas of the city.

The average girl in Guatemala has a native, Mayan look to her that simply isn’t what most guys consider sexy.Spanish is huge here, as women will be impressed by your ability.They see lots of foreigners who don’t speak any, especially when they first arrive in Guatemala City.I’d recommend staying a few weeks in Guatemala City and using all the online dating options at your fingertips. Invite your girls from Guatemala City up any night you don’t want to party, as it’s only a 45 minute ride away.If you put in the legwork in Guatemala City, then you can live a great life in Antigua for cheap.

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You’ll find thousands of people come to this city every month to study Spanish, live cheaply, and party. Many rich Guatemalans come here to party on the weekends from Guatemala City, especially the gringo hunters.

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  1. God did not intend for man to have a broken heart but when you poor everything into a casual relationship you lose a piece of your heart so I think the best thing is to save it for your spouse! Oh, and I totally agree about trying to save as much of yourself for marriage as possible but I do think some affection or something where the two are careful not to let it get it carried away is good for the relationship before marriage. Well, would “courtship” really be appropriate once someone is out on their own? As I see it, a key distinction is that those involved in courtship have the specific intention of pursuing the possibility of marriage.