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Photographers who published photo books and black & white and glossy postcards in tinted halftone of views and Types from their work. A notable set was made of the colonial architecture in Williamsburg, Virginia. who was most likely the owner of the Runta Import Co.

These cards may bare either the name of Runta, Vontobel, or K. All cards were printed in color gravure and have white borders with an irregular edge.

Many of his images were turned into real photo postcards that were manufactured in Canada.

In later years his photographs were use to make photochromes under the trade name Taylorchrome.

After 1931 they closed and reopened a number of times under different names. After his arrival he became an assistant to fellow New Zealand photographer John Davis who had come to Samoa thirteen years earlier.

Tattersall captured many images of views and types and when Davis died he continued printing his negatives.

While he was an early publisher of postcards, he did not begin printing them in number himself until 1908.

As his competition dwindled his sales expanded, and his American factories would eventually turn out more postcards than any other in the United States.

At this time they began publishing postcards, many with unusual pictorial backs to promote their services.

Curt Teich was an early pioneer of the offset printing process having started using offset presses in 1907.

It would take a number of years before he had presses made to his satisfaction, and many more years for him to perfect the method.

A publisher of holiday, comic, and local view-cards.

It is unknown if they had any relationship to the Helman-Taylor Art Co.

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