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If nothing else works, you may need inflatable implants.Today's implants are extremely effective and entail only a small risk of infections or mechanical breakdowns.Even if your blood sugar is under control, you may need an extra boost.One option is oral medication that enhance the blood flow to your penis.If you can bring your A1C level below 8 percent, your sexual problems may disappear without any other measures, Snow says.But if your A1C stays over 10 percent, even the most aggressive treatments may not be enough to restore your erections.

Here are some other points to keep in mind: A little alcohol may help put you in the mood, but too much (more than a drink or two) can actually interfere with erections.

For instance, the drug alprostadil (Muse) -- which you insert into your urethra -- can usually bring an erection in eight to 10 minutes.

Another commonly used method is to self-inject with papaverine.

If your A1C is below 7 percent, your blood sugar is under control.

But as A1C gets higher than 7 percent your long-term risk of damage to nerves and arteries increases, and that can also increase your risk of erectile dysfunction.

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