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"Apparently in Malaysia, freedom of speech, assembly, and association are only permissible when they support the government."After the government reneged on a compromise that would have allowed a Bersih rally in the main Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Bersih supporters on July 9 took to the streets in a peaceful, well-ordered march.Malaysian security forces responded with water cannons, extensive use of teargas, manhandling of protesters, and 1,697 arrests.Apparently in Malaysia, freedom of speech, assembly, and association are only permissible when they support the government.

Prime Minister Najib Razak and Inspector General of Police Ismail Omar denied that the security forces attacked first, however.The nuclear family has caused lots of elderly people still left as singles.The rise in the frequency of divorce has produced a vacuum in the lifestyles of most lots of public.In seeking a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council, Malaysia pledged in an official communication to other governments on March 9, 2010, that it "reaffirms its full commitment to the promotion and protection of human rights at both the domestic and international levels.""The Malaysian government's promise to fulfill its international obligations as a UN Human Rights Council member faces an acid test in the coming days and weeks," Robertson said."Malaysia's international friends need to let Prime Minister Najib know that he is leading his country down the wrong path."The Malaysian authorities’ crushing of Bersih’s march shows that when basic liberties compete with the entrenched power of the state, the government is quick to throw respect for rights out the window.

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