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Its meaning has changed over time, now more generally signifying moral and social behavior. The concept of fearing to seem too interested too fast has rewritten the rules of the dating game.

The next time you are interested in someone tell them, make them feel special, let yourself be vulnerable to them.

You want to play hard to get but not too hard as to not seem uninterested.

You spend hours crafting every single text message with your girlfriends.

They were to administer justice, avoid cheating, lying and torture, and were expected to avenge the wronged.

[Read: Cheating in a relationship] They would never abandon a friend or noble cause or betray them.

You play up your social media so he can see how much fun you are having without him.

Lately, I have found myself caving in to hours of reality dating shows, specifically MTV’s “Are You the One.” Strangely, I could relate to the women on the show, most of them my age, who are passed on from man to man because none of them are able to commit to just one woman. Half of us want to fight for love and the other half run for the hills the moment the opportunity of love arises.Be careful though, you cannot just assume that because you are going on dates, you are “dating.” Common questions that go through your head a million times include: Is he spending time with other girls? So, you start dating another guy to not get too attached to the guy you are actually dating.Meanwhile, you are still trying to lockdown the first guy.After all, a true understanding of the meaning of chivalry in love can make any guy a more accomplished and better man in more ways than one. Chivalry is derived from the French word cheval from the Latin word caballus, and was to be considered primarily from three points, the military, the social, and the religious.It is best known as the belief and practices of the knights of medieval times.

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