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We’re dedicated to our mission of helping every pet eat well.More than 200 cartoons from syndicated cartoonist John Mc Pherson show our appreciation for, and sometimes our impatience with, one of the most important bedrocks of our nationâ��s future: our teachers.Scanning the lists of topics on their website last year, this one caught her eye.

Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul will touch your heart with stories of finding and creating families.

That’s how this most recent book came about when a call for submissions for the topics “Step Outside Your Comfort Zone” and “Miracles and More” garnered a lot of love stories that fit into those categories but seemed to need a place of their own.

“As I got stories for the other books, there were all these fascinating ways people wrote that they found love,” Newmark said, adding that she approached her publishing team who all agreed when she suggested they do a book about finding love.

“I wanted to share this unbelievable lov e story with the masses,” she said.

Marlin said she’s enjoyed Chicken Soup for the Soul books for years and decided to see what it would be like to write for them.

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