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We live in a culture that is sexually broken and wounded.There are so many unhealthy, destructive attitudes about sexuality that hurt both men and women.If at least one criterion for sacramental marriage was not met then the marriage can be considered invalid and an annulment will be granted.The annulment process is often long, usually lasting about a year or longer; the people who make up the marriage tribunal for your diocese must perform extensive research in determining if an annulment can be granted.I was not willing to be lied to or mistreated again.I knew I had to ask these questions to protect myself.Perhaps, but only if you have received an annulment (which means your previous marriage was not considered a valid sacrament).If you receive a civil divorce, but no annulment, then you are still married to the other person in the eyes of the Church and would be committing adultery if you married another.

In marriage, the two become one flesh in a union joined by God, (Mark 10:8).

We women need to be brave and lead in asking these questions.

Regardless of the fact if your life has not been affected by pornography or not, the majority of men today have been impacted by it on some level.

In fact a valid sacramental marriage is impossible to dissolve thereby making divorce not possible if the marriage was sacramental.

The Catholic Church does not permit divorce for valid sacramental marriages.

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